The World of Gabriel

Gabriel at the cub scout Sailboat RegaliaGabriel worked very hard for the Raingutter Regalia for cub scouts.

Mommy, Daddy, and Grandparents were all in attendance.

Gabriel turned 9 on New Year’s Eve, 2010!  How fast the time flies.

He has done amazingly well for a kid that has been through so very much.

After an entire academic life at Yucaipa Christian School we relocated back to Orange County and put Gabriel in public school.  That did not work out so well.  Public school was not a good fit for his temperament.

Fortunately, we found Eastside Christian school down the street.  Within a week, Gabriel’s entire personality blossomed as he found an academic home fit for him.  His grades went back up into A’s and B’s (without Resource help, Speech therapy or Occupational Therapy!).  He joined the Chess Club… winning second place at his first unrated tournament EVER.  We are so proud.

Gabriel has a renewed interest in Science, History and … Boy Scouts.  Yeah.  It is amazing how much of a toll trying aspect can have on a person’s life.

We are all so happy he is so happy.

Mommy and Daddy love you Gabriel!


One thought on “The World of Gabriel

  1. Hi, Lynn.

    You are definitely on my RSS feeder, although your blog isn’t showing up on my reader account…it is a mystery! Anyway, looking forward to your posts as always.


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