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My name is Lynn Munoz (Lynnette, but I prefer “Lynn”) and I currently reside in Southern California (Pacific Coast time).PROFILE PICTURE

The original purpose of this blog was to fulfill an assignment request for my classwork in my Learning Theory course.  However, since that time, I have discovered the blog is a great way for me to chronicle my journey through higher education, the learning I am exploring, while at the same time, hopefully, engendering feedback from others on a similar journey.  To say I am “into” lifelong learning would be an understatement.  Learning defines who I am.  I am honestly happiest when I am learning, researching, reading or challenging my mind with some new information… or, alternatively, passing that information along.

Since beginning this blog, I have completed my Masters in Instructional Design and Technology, as well as several graduate units in Educational Psychology.  I have also recently cleared my California Teaching Credential in Single Subject Science: Biology and Health (September 2014).  I also added another Single Subject Science Credential: Geoscience (January 2015).

My employment experiences reflect my loyalty and passion.  Prior to working as a secondary science instructor, I worked as a legal assistant for the Law Office of F. Elliot Goldman in Brea, California for six years.  When I moved to the inland empire I fulfilled my goal of becoming a secondary instructor, which I found incredibly fulfilling.  After the passing of my youngest son, Danny, my husband and I moved back to Orange County and I went back to work for the Law Office of F. Elliot Goldman temporarily (approximately four or so years), until I could resist the call of teaching no more.  In August 2015 I went back to work as a science and health instructor at Glendora High School.  I taught Natural Science (Earth Science), Health Science, and Biology.  It has been tremendously rewarding; although the commute is a bit longer than I prefer.

Currently, my family life is a blessing being happily married for over 17 years with a sweet, kind, generous, and intelligent 15 year old to show for it!

I am currently looking for a new teaching opportunity as the ongoing District of Choice issues are enough to make anyone uneasy . . . not to mention that commute as well.  I am hoping to find another opportunity where I can take advantage of my varied credentials, experience, and technological expertise.

Lynn Munoz


6 thoughts on “All About ME

  1. Hi Lynn! This is Trevae Golden your former classmate! How are you. I see you are still busy in the field of ID, and that is very good! Are you done with the program? If so, congrats to you. I fell behind you and the rest of our cohort because of traveling back and forth to Africa for my business there. I will continue to follow how you’re progressing through the field of ID if you do not mind. You can do the same for me too. I look forward to hearing from you. I am now taking EDUC 6145.

    • Trevae,

      It is good to hear from you. I am not quite finished. I opted for the two specialization courses for online teaching. I graduate in August. Then, September 5th I start the doctoral program through Walden in Social Psychology.

      Feel free to check out the blog. I try to keep posting the discussions as we go through them.

      I will have to go check out your blog.


  2. Thanks, for your speedy reply to my message. Oh, I am so happy for you. Congrats in advance. I really miss all the high standards you and the rest of the crew set for me. I want to thank you and the rest of the gang.

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