Vision, Mission, Outcomes and You


My participation in Walden’s Social Psychology program is the final major step in my academic journey arising from a life-long educational journey within the fields of Psychology and Education.

Originally, my desire was to simply complete the teaching credential program at Redlands University and teach secondary science in California.  However, upon achieving that goal and working as a secondary instructor at a high school, I realized I still had many unanswered questions.  The result was many, many long nights and weekends of informal research into learning strategies, methodologies, motivation, attitudes and exactly how to influence students to achieve in a positive setting.

My dissatisfaction with the educational system and the methodologies employed therein led me to the MSIDT (Masters, Instructional Design, and Technology) program at Walden University.  However, I knew from the beginning of this program that although the program would provide me a great many instructional skills and strategies based on analysis and research, it would only serve to answer some of my questions.  Armed with the information and skill to properly analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate (ADDIE) a program effectively, I still feel the need to understand fundamentally the aspect of social influence operating within various situational contexts, specifically within the educational system.

My determination to move forward has only been strengthened through the completion of my prior program.  In addition, my personal experiences with students who have struggled in public schools, including my own son, has further fueled my desire to create changes to help other students be successful.

What does Walden’s vision, mission, and outcomes mean to you?

My long-term desire to create positive change within education and/or programs related to education is tandem to Walden’s vision and mission enabling the “scholar-practitioners” to “effect positive social change.”  Further, Walden’s goals achieved through adherence to values, quality, integrity and student-centered programs, policies and procedures will provide me the opportunities and experiences, applied and theoretical, to achieve my long-term goals.


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